France Cake Tradition

An artisanal know-how for 30 years. 

France Cake Tradition is a small business based in Tourcoing. It manufactures gingerbread and cakes from authentic recipes, since 1991 in the North of France.

In 1997, the first organic cake was launched, since then we have continued to develop, improve our recipes and offer new flavors.

Quality products

At France Cake Tradition, our ingredient lists are as short and healthy as possible, to guarantee the best to the consumer.


Since 2014, our Quality system is IFS Food certified, to guarantee the safety and quality of our products. We are audited every year by an external organization that verifies our procurement, production and marketing processes.

In 2022, the audit was held on March 28 and 29.

In order that the greatest number of consumers can have access to our products, we are distributed in numerous networks: in supermarkets and hypermarkets, in specialized organic stores, in school canteens...

Our Organic Agriculture certification is renewed every year by the audit of a certifying body.

Strong local roots

On a daily basis, we use ingredients that are made as close to home as possible. For example, our wheat and rye flours are milled less than 30km from our factory, and our packaging is manufactured by suppliers within a 200km radius of our factory.

With our know-how in organic farming since 1997, we help the development of organic farming and the conversion of farmers.

We also participate in the development of an organic beet sugar chain in the region. Thanks to which we have developed our gingerbread with organic beet sugar from Hauts-de-France. This initiative has enabled us to win the BIO 2020 Excellence Award.

Our buckwheat flour comes from filière Sarrasin France, a sector that strives to relocate buckwheat in France. 

For several years, we have also been well established in the employment area of Tourcoing, we collaborate with the local Pôle Emploi and the association Tourcoing Entreprendre to promote the employment of people over 45 in the region.

In recent years, we have partnered with clubs and sporting events such as the Entente Cycliste de Wambrechies-Marquette and the Lille Hardelot cyclosportive race!

At France Cake Tradition, we don't like waste. We are in partnership with the Restos du Coeur and other charities to whom we give our unsold goods.

Responsible commitments

At France Cake Tradition, making cakes and gingerbreads while taking care of our surroundings is second nature. By formalizing our intuitive approach, we are committed to our planet, our consumers, our employees and our suppliers, for an economically viable, sustainable and responsible action all along our value creation chain.

Since 2018, we have been awarded the PME+ (For a World + Committed) and Organic Sustainable Business labels. These two labels recognize our daily commitments to Nature and People.

We take care of our Planet:

·        To produce more and more organic products to avoid the use of pesticides

·        Controlling our consumption (water, gas and electricity)

·        Installation of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels

·        Optimize the recovery of our waste and reduce our losses

·        Ecodesign: Seek to reduce the impact of our packaging, use less of it and use recycled and/or recyclable materials as soon as possible

We place human relations at the heart of our relationships:

·        With our teams: two highlights (New Year's Eve and summer barbecue), and discussions at least once a month

·        Involve our employees in the company's results

·        Solicit the opinions of our employees for projects.

We seek to improve every year: we want to ensure that our actions contribute more and more to the best interest of everyone and to sustainable development.